Yuting “Tina”Yuan – Dragon Sweetie Bakery Café

Yuting “Tina”Yuan
Owner / Dragon Sweetie Bakery Café
389 Gregory Street
Opened: September 16, 2014

Dragon Sweetie Bakery Café bakes handcrafted artisan bread and pastries every day fresh!

Open Tuesday through Sunday 8 AM – 5 PM

1) What’s in your fridge right now? Pre-ferment dough, croissant stuffings, butter, eggs, cheese,
sandwich sauce
2) What book is in your bathroom? Bon Appetite
3) What album/CD can you listen to over and over? “Fantasy” of Jay Chou, a Chinese singer
4) What is your must-see TV show? Iron Chef America
5) What would you be doing if you were not doing what you are now doing? Sleep
6) What is your least favorite sound? An unhappy voice
7) If you could pick any person, alive or dead, to have dinner with, whom would it be and what would
you eat? I would love to be with my grandparents, eating those traditional dishes they prepared
every year for Spring Festival.
8) If you could pick any place in the universe to travel to, where would it be? France! Bakeries in
9) What food do you avoid? Meat
10) What is your favorite word? Delicious!
11) What is your favorite curse word? That’s a Chinese word
12) What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Graphic design
13) What profession would you not like to do? I want to try everything!