Wedgepoint Update

Monica McCullough, Senior Vice President of Housing for PathStone Corporation, said the Wedgepoint project, a three-story mixed-use development on the corner of South Avenue and Byron Street, will bring family housing to the area. The May 2016 completion date was shifted to July 2016 and PathStone is on track to meet the new deadline. They are accepting names for the interest list but won’t market the units until this March. Rents will range from $520-$969 based on unit size and income eligibility. There are 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. Units should be ready for occupancy in July 2016. As for businesses, Mc-Cullough said, “We are actively working on leasing the three commercial spaces and are in very early conversations with a couple of potential commercial tenants.” Another local project that Pathstone is involved with, in collaboration with East House, is the Alexander Street Apartments, a 60-unit apartment building scheduled for completion in November 2016, with one-bedroom apartments at $685 a month including utilities. Alexander Street Apartments, located at 175 Alexander Street, will begin leasing late this summer. PathStone is a not-for-profit community development organization that serves low-income families and economically-depressed communities in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Vermont, and Puerto Rico.