Tips for Winning at a Beer Fest


Buy your ticket early. The Rochester Real Beer Expo has sold out prior to the day of the event every year and you don’t want to be that mope crying outside the entry gates as your friends, who bought their tickets in January, breeze in.

Eat. And not just the pretzel necklace around your neck. There are plenty of food trucks and vendors from local restaurants with yummy food ready to soak up all that beer.

Drink water. Some of the beers available for tasting have high ABV percentages and can sneak up on you. Stay hydrated!

Wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to be standing for the better part of four or five hours. Ladies, four-inch heels and four hours of sampling do not mix well.


Drink and drive. Designated driver tickets are available for purchase for $10, call a cab, or have someone pick you up – the Expo ends at 10:00, it’s not too late to ask someone for a ride.

Ask for more samples after 10:00 p.m. Volunteer pourers are instructed to not serve after that time, and let’s be honest, you don’t really need that last one anyway.

Forget to get a babysitter. This event is 21 and older, no exceptions. Do you really want your toddler hanging around at a crowded festival where nearly everyone is drinking? Leave the kids at home and have a night for yourself!

Bring your dog, or your cat. Human beer drinkers only, please.