SWQ Asks: Drew Pearman (Butapub)

The drink I am pouring the most lately is… Jameson.

My LEAST favorite drink to make is… Alabama slammer.

My current personal favorite beverage is… whiskey and beer. All of it.

The conversation I am hearing most often at the bar is… how guys are dicks.

The best place in Rochester or South Wedge to take a date is… Strong Museum of Play or a bike ride down the trail.

When life hands me lemons… I make a Tom Collins.

The one thing on my bucket list that I am most eager to do is… skydive.

My current obsession is… The AO on Netflix. Watching it right now. Gotta know what happens.

If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, what would it be? The Princess Bride. I just really wanna hang with Andre the giant, Mandy Patinkin, Carey Ewles and that babe Robin Wright Penn or whatever her name is now.

On my days off I usually… stop in to work. Travel the Fingerlakes Wine Trails and hang out with the wife.

The word that describes me best is… handsome.

315 Gregory Street | 585.563.6241
Monday to Saturday 11 AM – 2 AM
Sunday 10:30 AM-4 PM