Swiftwater Flows From Rochester

Swiftwater Brewing has been busy the past couple years, since opening in January 2015 at 378 Mt. Hope Avenue in the South Wedge neighborhood.

The Mt. Hope Avenue brewery recently signed with distributor Remarkable Liquids, meaning everyone from Buffalo to New York City will be able to enjoy selections from their ever-changing roster of beers. Currently, the brewery makes about 800 barrels per year but they are looking to expand the capacity and almost double production, projecting to make 1500 barrels per year.

“We’ve always had a huge variety of beer, and Remarkable is going to let us keep doing that,” says Andy Cook, one of the owners of Swiftwater. Their current bestseller is the Swiftwater IPA, described as “dank, with notes of melon and grapefruit.” Cook projects they will add a couple other beers that will always be available, like their IPA is. Swiftwater is known for experimenting with recipes and producing different numbered versions of their beers, the IPA is currently up to the 17th version, however, the 9th version of the IPA has been the most popular and that is what Remarkable will be distributing.

In addition to brewing, Swiftwater continues to offer a food menu that utilizes local ingredients, like smoked ham from McCann’s Local Meats for the Stromboli – or cheese from First Light Farm & Creamery for the cheese board. Cook says they’ll keep switching things up in the kitchen, but keep a similar mix of menu options. 

As for what to look out for locally, Swiftwater will be working on a collaboration between other local breweries Knucklehead Craft Brewing and Fairport Brewing Company, and The Beer Market. They will also be doing a cask and tap takeover at Nosh sometime in the near future.