Music Spotlight: Brian Williams

We are not talking about reeling in some bucket mouth here, we are talking about the bravest, most bad-ass, big-smiling, heart-warming antics of THE Brian Williams.

You’ve seen him all around town, swinging that big ‘ol bass around like a pretty partner at hoote- nanny of a hoe-down. It’s always a show with that bass in tow, rumbling the crunchiest clubs and the classiest halls, all the way from Abilene and the Liberty pole to Eastman’s majestic theatre at the premiere music institution in the world.

This man can play.

His rock solid foundation and slick handling of the Parisian swing click tightly as a key element in the Djangoners, Rochester’s own tribute to the master of gypsy jazz and a new swingin’ scene born out of the hot club in Paris,
These gents will take you on a sultry stroll thru gypsy land, swinging and rolling with feverish licks and soaring fiddle and the most percussive, slap-happy, big bad bass you’ll ever feel shake your socks.

Williams has been gigging around (and outside) town for decades, and has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in blues and jazz and rock and roll. (Think Muddy Waters, Paul Butter- field and that takes care of the in-betweens) When he’s not busy transporting your party through time and space with the Djangoners, Williams keeps plenty busy, gigging with his other steady act, Bobby Henrie & The Goners, real American Rock and Roll guaranteed to make you move. (Check out their WXXI On-Stage performance filmed at lovin’ cup.) As if that’s not enough of a workload for a professional musician, Williams also lends his talents to some of the area’s best artists, including the legendary Frank DeBlase, nothing frantic about this cool cat. Williams and that big smile are also found around town at the best shows, productions, fundrais- ers, galas, parties, soirees and anywhere else there’s great music. If there is a “do not miss” show in town, you’ll probably see Brian, and the few others in the know, that support and help create those experiences. Our city is ripe with low-hanging musical fruit, ready to be plucked with ease, at a handful of world class venues. We are very lucky.

We are also lucky to have Mr. Brian Williams on our scene. His big smile and impressive stature, graceful movement and carefree laughter will put you at ease. His big slappin’ bass will make you quiver and shake. Go see some rock and roll. It’s good for your soul.