Music Review: Maybird

Turning into Water

30th Century Records/Sony

Spring 2016 | CD/LP/Digital

Genre: Swirly Psychedelic Sunshine 

Maybird is making waves. Not so quietly up to some very interesting things and making us all so very proud. This is a Rochester band, comprised of three of the region’s powerhouse guitarists: Kurt Johnson (Moho Collective, and just about anyone brave enough to share the stage with this dynamo) “Overhand Sam” Snyder (A most unusual and talented specimen, an accident at a young age and the desire to create developed into a strange style with incredible tone, talent and ferocity. And of course Josh Netsky. This is one special young man. He can pen a tune better than anyone; his soft but haunting vocals will follow you around, especially in those darker dreams, and he is one of the preeminent students of swirly and psychedelic rock and roll.

Vocals reminiscent of Deerhunter and even Beach House tingle the spine, but Netsky has been doing it longer it seems like, and better. Beautiful and rich and full, complemented by layer upon layer of pedal steel, telecaster, acoustic tinges and a very talented rhythm section that has the difficult task of holding these guitars to the time and space required to keep these jams somewhat grounded.

Talent and patience do pay off, as this release is a big deal for these young men and for our street cred. Not only did I pick up the ep alongside the latest from Brian ENO at the House of Guitars Midnite Madness Sale, but it’s distributed through the biggest record label in the universe. Rad. Rochester Radio Credit is flying high, and it’s not just “Juke Box Hero” pushing those cones. The waves are ablaze with music from Joywave, The Demos, Kopps, Maybird, Giant Panda, Mikela Davis and more. This is a pretty exciting time for anyone who loves great music and Rochester, NY. Great job everyone.

Turning into water is a swirly spacey pleasantly poppy record with just the desired sweetness. Like a latte from Joe Bean, not coffee and cream from Dunkin’. Maybird splits their time between Rochester and the Big Apple and they play in town regularly. Do your ears a favor and go check them out. ”The new Maybird album is like throwing a party for your ears, when all your ears were expecting was a few friends over for euchre.”