Music Review: Harmonica Lewinsky

Harmonica Lewinsky
Naked Brunch
7” Reel Time Records 2015

Local garage-rockers pump out 4 oozey-stompers that will have you tapping your foot HARD in no time. These psychedelic-tinged, bassheavy, surf-guitar-drenched cuts are perfect. The tasteful use of the organ makes me think of something that could have been produced in the 70s for some exploitation film that Quentin Tarantino would rip off years later. (does that sentence even make sense? oh well.) Its like if you gave Dick Dale some Lilly F40’s (look it up) before he played a 3-hour set and this is what would happen at the tail end of it. Get this before you miss out, they only made 420 of them. I heard they played Lux and the sound was so powerful they blew up the PA and half the crowd went deaf (this may or may not be true).