McCann’s Local Meats Partnering with Headwater Food Hub

Headwater Food Hub, a Rochester area top quality food distribution and wholesale company, will be partnering with McCann’s Local Meats. Olivia Lopez, a member of the St. John Fisher class of 2016, said in regards to the partnership, “This partnership will enable Headwater Food Hub to expand sourcing and processing of local animals from sustainable farms and further their mission to create a diverse and integrated, soil-totable, community food enterprise.”

Owner and head butcher Kevin McCann is already looking towards the future as his business approaches its first anniversary, “Our one year anniversary will be celebrated on June 1st. The support we have received from the neighborhood has been overwhelming and appreciated beyond measure. We couldn’t have asked for a better home or neighbors.” McCann added, “McCann’s Local Meats
offers fresh meat from local farms free of hormones, antibiotics, and hormones. We offer fresh cuts, sausages, deli meats, prepared meals, bone broth, rendered cooking fats, jerky, and dog treats all made in house. All of our spices come from Stuart’s Spices, local beers can always be found on tap and on our shelves from breweries like Swiftwater, Coffee from Fuego, Flour City Pasta is available, Fizz soda, local farm fresh eggs, and Small World provides us with kimchi, kraut, bread, and granola.”

While the partnership will not manifest itself in any big changes to retail customers, it will allow McCann’s to provide their high quality local meats to area restaurants and institutions