Louelle Design Studio

Sisters-in-law Andrea and Ashley Durfee’s respective creative talents first bore the fruit of collaboration when the two came together to design Ashley’s wedding invitations. They discovered a shared passion for creating and that Andrea’s talent for artwork and illustration dovetailed perfectly into Ashley’s gift for layout and design. With that, Louelle Design Studio, specializing in custom wedding and event invitations, watercolor, illustration, letterpress and block printing, was born in January 2014. Their style is eclectic: wedding invitations cater to the client’s aesthetic, but they always try to add a little “Louelle air.” “We love layering and finding unique materials…anything we can do that’s a little out of the ordinary and unexpected,” explained Andrea.

Louelle made the move to a South Wedge storefront in February 2016, taking over the spot formerly occupied by Little Bleu Cheese Shop on South Avenue. After working out of Ashley’s attic and then a warehouse in Penfield, the pair was looking to have a street front presence and needed larger machinery to support their burgeoning business. With the new boutique, the pair was able to expand their offerings to include greeting cards, wrapping paper, scarves and a stationary bar, among other items.

Louelle Design Studio, located at 684 South Avenue, is currently open for retail Thursday/Friday from noon to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Monday through Wednesday by appointment. Find out more by visiting their web site at (where you can also make an appointment for a consultation), Facebook at and Instagram at @louellestudio.