Lindsay & Pete Nabozny

Nothing feels better on a cold winter day than settling into Savasana at the end of a yoga session. Savasana, or Corpse Pose, at the end of each class wipes the slate clean, sending you back out in the world reborn, renewed and ready to take on new challenges.

Lindsay and Pete Nabozny took on the challenge of small business ownership when they purchased Tru Yoga in June 2012. They were also responsible for moving the studio to its current location last July from its previous location on the west side of Gregory Street. University of Rochester grads both, they returned to settle down in Rochester after a number of years in Brooklyn. Lindsay does work in finance for affordable housing and Pete is a senior associate with the Center for Governmental Research. Ironically “independent of one another, we both almost went to law school. We dodged a bullet there.” And they practice what they preach. Sundays are spent with a Yoga class in the morning, followed by snuggles with their very anxious rescue dog and football-watching in the afternoon. Sunday evening is spent on some variety of yoga studio-related planning/management/marketing activities. Lindsay and Pete leave the teaching of yoga to others, preferring to focus on keeping the place running smoothly so the instructors can do what they do best.

Tru Yoga offers a variety of classes including a Foundations class for focusing on poses, Restorative/Mindfulness class for relaxing both your body and mind, Hatha Flow that holds poses longer focusing on breathing and Yin yoga which is a series of long holding postures encouraging a more meditative practice. For those looking for a fun workout, the heated Muscle and Flow class set to music will get you moving. And what better way to end your week (or start it!) than with a Sunday night Candlelight Flow.

One of the activities that the Naboznys would like you to consider is their Yoga 101 class on Sunday February 7th. Danielle Rinallo will lead you through basic yoga poses and sequences along with essential yogic history and philosophy to give you the confidence to attend any yoga class. Visit to register for the workshop.