Julianna Meyer – Julianna Salon and Spa

Julianna Meyer
Owner / Julianna Salon and Spa
656 South Avenue
Opened: April 2014

Julianna Salon and Spa is committed to empowering you by refreshing and renewing the beauty you already possess to enhance the style that is uniquely you.

Hours: Tuesday 10 AM -7 PM, Wednesday 10 AM -7 PM, Thursday 10 AM -7 PM, Friday 9 AM-5 PM and Saturday 10 AM -3 PM

1) What’s in your fridge right now? A variety of food-fruits, veggies, milk, lunch meat, leftovers etc.
2) What book is in your bathroom? It’s a magazine, People-my favorite haha
3) What album/CD can you listen to over and over? I love any Broadway music
4) What song/artist are you ashamed to admit you love? Johnny Cash 🙂 but I suppose I’m not too
ashamed of it, I love his music!
5) What is your must-see TV show? I probably have a lot of them, but my latest is Revenge 🙂
6) If you could pick any person, alive or dead, to have dinner with, whom would it be and what would
you eat? I would love to meet Lucille Ball, I think her life and career is fascinating. I may try to cook
dinner for her but unfortunately I am lacking a bit in my cooking skills, so probably pizza or something
7) What is your least favorite sound? Definitely nails on a chalkboard, worst sound ever!
8) If you could pick any place in the universe to travel to, where would it be? Antarctica would be an
interesting place to visit, maybe just for a short time though. I like the warm weather
9) What terrifies you? Losing someone I love
10) What is your favorite word? I am a talker so I don’t think I can pin just one word down
11) What is your favorite curse word? I’m not sure I have one of those either
12) What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Singing on a cruise line
13) What profession would you not like to do? Probably work at a fast food establishment…it wouldn’t
be to good for my waist line 😉