Hibernation is not an option

Winter is coming. Some people are looking forward to this fact but if you’re anything like me you’re dreading the cold, snow, and the seemingly endless gray that a typical Rochester winter has to offer. Every winter I fall victim to the winter blues. This year I am determined to make the best out of the season and making plans to fend off the winter blues. After searching for inspiration around the neighborhood and brainstorming with friends, I’d like to share some ideas that will hopefully help make the dreaded winter bearable.

“Every winter I fall victim to the winter blues. This year I am determined to make the best out of the season and making plans to fend off the winter blues.

The most difficult aspect of winter for me is becoming a shut-in. The darker and colder it gets the less I want to leave the comforts of my nice, cozy, and warm home. I dread the idea of having to suit up, shovel the drive way, brush off my car, and then drive in less than desirable conditions. If I don’t have to leave my house, I won’t.  This winter I’ve pledged not to fall into my typical winter hermit position. My first step in this process was to invest in a good pair of winter boots, a durable winter coat, and some snow pants. My next step was to make a pact with friends to socialize and get out of the house. We came up with various activities that are inexpensive and that will keep us busy. Granted, even though some of the activities can be done solo, I find that having a support system gives me more motivation to get out.

 One activity we have planned is a book club. Curling up with a good book at home is great but even better when you have other people to discuss the book with.  We plan on meeting up at each other’s homes or grabbing coffee at Crossroads Café to discuss our current read. When we’re finished with the books we can donate them to the Little Free Library. The Little Free Library is a nation wide network where you can borrow, take, or donate books all for free. One was recently installed at 924 South Clinton.

 Another activity we’ve planned is to take classes together and pick up some new hobbies. There are plenty of things I want to learn. However, I find that in the summer I want to take advantage of the beautiful weather as much as possible. Winter is the perfect time to take a class and pick up a new skill. The Rochester Brainery, located in Village Gate, offers a wide variety of classes to take that are fairly inexpensive. You can find a class schedule on-line at You can even teach a class if you like!     

During the spring and summer I love spending time in Highland Park and I plan on enjoying it this winter too. Taking strolls around the park and sledding are ways to get the exercise that tends to go missing for me during the winter. It’ll help keep my body and mind healthy. I am also going to take advantage of the Lamberton Conservatory being open year round, 7 days a week from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. It costs $3 a visit but you can buy a season pass for $10. It’s a great place to get some book club reading in while soaking up some natural light and warmth. For a few hours I can forget that it’s snowing outside and melt away those winter blues.