Calvary-St. Andrews

Nearly a year ago, the Session (the governing body) of Calvary-St. Andrews Presbyterian Parish determined that the challenges faced by the congregation were significant enough that action was taken to enlist the support of the presbytery (the regional body).
An “administrative commission” was formed of church members and other local Presbyterian leaders. John Wilkinson, pastor of Third Presbyterian Church, is the moderator of the administrative commission.

They are looking to see what the congregation’s needs are, what pastoral leadership is needed and what growth potential there may be. At its heart, the future life of the congregation is core to the commission’s work.

Contrary to rumor, the church is not closing, nor is the building up for immediate sale. Worship services continue every Sunday at 11:00 AM with guest preachers, and the critical food pantry program continues to share food with neighbors in need, five days a week.

A task force is looking to re-envision the future of the food program. They are exploring a broader-based management model to provide leadership and volunteers.

They are looking at creative ways to utilize the building itself as an asset. The congregation as it currently exists is not able to support the building. An open house and community forum was held several weeks ago explore other potential uses.

For further information, or to share ideas, contact John Wilkin- son at 271-6513 or [email protected]