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Messy Nessy Chic

The blogger that runs Messy Nessy Chic lives in a cute, little apartment in Paris and has a hot, French boyfriend that runs her site for her. This typically would mean we hate her…we still might hate her. However, her mission is to blog about the “the off-beat, the unique and the chic” and she really does it. Look out for “13 Things I Found on the Internet Today.” Is there a dating site that connects 30-something American women with talented, brooding French men? Asking for a friend.

 Sad Etsy Boyfriends

Today I mourned the loss of one of my favorite websites, Regretsy. I was actually going to feature the site here, realized that it had been taken down and then cursed the Internet for a full 5 minutes. Thankfully, there is a new site that exposes the sometimes ridiculous side of Etsy in the form of Sad Etsy Boyfriends. There are a lot of ladies who craft on Etsy and they need someone, anyone to model for them. The things we do for love.

P.S. – I Made This…

This past Halloween I actually spent the money and energy on what I thought was a good costume (PS. It wasn’t). There were some elements that needed to be crafted so I did what any non-crafty person would do and enlisted the help of my oh-so-crafty best friend to do it for me…I mean help me. “I want to do more DIY-projects!” is something I say and don’t put any real effort behind, like learning how to knit. Erica Domesek, however, is VERY crafty and the concept of her blog is pretty damn creative. She takes trending fashion pieces and teaches you how to make something similar on the cheap.