About Us


Our Mission

BASWA’s primary missions are to improve and promote the neighborhood to enhance the commercial district. We’ve been working on these goals to achieve a revitalized South Wedge area since 2003.

Promoting Business

We provide marketing for our members.

Shopping Local

We encourage and promote shopping local.

Building Community

We sponsor events that build more business and community.

Beautifying the Neighborhood

We sponsor public art throughout the Wedge.

Who We Are

We are your support team, fellow business owners and residents of the South Wedge area.

We are a 501c6 non-profit merchant association comprised of business owners and residents of the South Wedge area of Rochester, New York. We were founded in 2003 with the mission of improving the commercial district on behalf of the business owners in the area. There are six people on our board of directors, all of whom live in the South Wedge area neighborhoods. We are also SWANC, a 501c3 non-profit, our mission is to provide charitable, educational, and cultural projects and events to the South Wedge area.

Our Service Area

Our service area encompasses South Avenue and the northern sections of Mount Hope and South Clinton Avenue.

Board of Directors

– Christina Jones, co-president

– Karrie Laughton, co-president

– Niraj Lama, secretary

– Jim Wolff, treasurer

– Rose O’Keefe

– Robert Criddle

– John Roth

What We're Doing

The Business Association of the South Wedge Area (BASWA) was established in 2003 by business owners in the South Wedge neighborhood of Rochester, New York. BASWA is committed to enhancing our commercial district for both businesses and community residents through promotional and beautification projects, including the following:

We fund these projects through a variety of methods. We are supported by the City of Rochester’s Economic Development Department, we are awarded grants, we hold an annual membership drive, and we produce The Rochester Real Beer Week & Expo to help us maintain the projects listed above. The money raised at these events is reinvested in the South Wedge community.

We hope you will consider supporting these events and the South Wedge. Thanks!