Bartenders of the Wedge

The South Wedge area contains several bars and restaurants that have been at the forefront of the expanding cocktail and beer culture in Rochester. The people slinging drinks to us at these local haunts often serve up more: humor, advice, companionship. Their unique and varied personalities define the establishments where they serve. They are extroverts and introverts, single and married with children. They are artists and travelers, designers and gamers, new parents and new business owners.

They are charismatic, efficient, discreet, and creative. They remember our names and our favorite vodka or beer style. They forgive the time we stayed too late and had several too many. Okay, waaay too many. And that time we… well never mind. You know where I’m going. They are good listeners.

We wanted not only to give you a name to put with these familiar faces, but to find out a little bit more about them. So we gathered them up to play a little game of “getting to know you.”

Check out the individual posts for more information on each featured bartender!