Andy Cook – Swiftwater Brewing Company

Andy Cook
Owner / Swiftwater Brewing Company
378 Mount Hope Avenue
Opened: January 14, 2015

We at Swiftwater Brewing Company make beer and talk to beer-lovers about it.

Hours: Wednesday – Friday 4 PM – 11 PM, Saturday Noon to 11 PM, Sunday 4 PM – 11 PM.

1) What’s in your fridge right now? Way too much food.
2) What book is in your bathroom? National Geographic
3) What album/CD can you listen to over and over? For the past few months it’s
been “Good News For People Who Love Bad News” by Modest Mouse
4) What song/artist are you ashamed to admit you love? Blink 182
5) What is your must-see TV show? The Daily Show
6) What is your least favorite sound? Grinding concrete
7) What terrifies you? Extreme heights
8) What food do you avoid? Beets
9) If you could pick any person, alive or dead, to have dinner with, who would it
be and what would you eat? Dr. Charlie Bamforth, professor of brewing at UC
10) If you could pick any place in the universe to travel to, where would it be?
11) What is your favorite word? Defenestration – to throw someone or something
out of a window.
12) What is your favorite curse word? Bollocks
13) What profession would you not like to do? Anything in a cubicle